Kirk Miller

Kirk Miller serves as SVP Global Sales for Ariel Group.

Kirk Miller, SVP Global Sales at Ariel, is known in the Learning & Development industry for being authentic, humble, others-focused, and client obsessed! Prior to 2016, when he joined LinkedIn, he was a seasoned Sales Executive in IT and Telecommunications industry with 15+ years with companies such as France Telecom, BT, and Vodafone from New York to San Francisco and now in Chicago.

Kirk partners strategically with his clients to overcome learner fatigue, develop high impact and career transformative programs to move the needle on behavior, culture, and business performance.

Kirk hails from Green Bay, Wisconsin and currently lives in Chicago. He is also a trained Improviser, world traveler (40 countries and counting), Writer, Keynote Speaker, and polyglot— fluent in English, French, and speaks Brazilian Portuguese & un poco de Español.  He holds a Masters in French Linguistics and a Bachelor’s degree in political science and French.

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